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MM2H Application

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Visa - How to Apply

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This is a general list of documents required for application.  We will guide you and customize your checklist once you have signed a Service Agreement with us.

i: Cover letter of application from main applicant (We will prepare)

ii: Resume/CV from main applicant/spouse

iii: Colored passport size photograph (for applicant and dependents)

iv: Passport all pages  (for applicant and dependents)

v: Original letter of good conduct – criminal clearance letter/police report from resident country – (main applicant and dependents above 18 years old)

vi: Certified copy of Marriage Certificate  (for applicants with spouse/children)

vii: Certified copy of Children Birth Certificate  (for applicants with children)

iii: Original or certified copies of employment/pension verification letter

ix: At least 3 months certified copies of payslip or pension slip or income statement

x: Latest three months bank statements showing income as bank deposits into personal bank

xi: Latest three months bank statements or other related financial documents to show liquid funds

Please Note:

Must be CERTIFIED TRUE COPY of original documents by:

– Embassy/High Commission of Country Origin

– Ministry of Foreign Affairs Department

– Government Official Office


Landing in Malaysia to fulfill the conditions for visa stamping.  

– Fixed Deposit Certificate – We will bring you to open a fixed deposit account with any bank in Malaysia

– Medical Insurance Certificate- We will assist you in purchasing a Medical Insurance in Malaysia

– Medical Report – We will bring you to do a medical check-up with a private hospital/registered clinic in Malaysia

We will bring your passport and all required documents to Immigration for visa stamping, and get it done without your presence in Immigration.

Your application process is completed! We will always be here for further services and support that you need.  To add your parents, newborn child, deposits partial withdrawal, mm2h extension and renewals, etc.